Books that made us laugh out loud!

Books that have made us cry with laughter.

  ‘A long way down’ by Nick Hornby

Although this story revolves around four people who meet on a high building on New Year’s Eve to commit suicide, I found myself laughing out loud a lot!

Not sure what it says about my dark sarcastic sense of humour, but give it a read and see if you feel the same!



‘The Ascent of Rum Doodle’ by W.E Bowman

A group of inept men attempt to climb Rum Doodle – the highest mountain in the world. This charts their chaotic expedition. This book is hilarious and you’ll love it.




‘The Anti Pope’ by Robert Rankin

The first book in the Brentford trilogy, it charts the arrival of Roderic Borgia, the Antipope Alexander VI in the glorious borough of Brentford and his attempts to set up a new and evil unholy see in the seaman’s mission.

What’s not to love about the ancient art of Dim-Mak, cowboy nights at the flying swan and the attempt to wade the channel.



‘Absolute pandemonium: A Memoir’ by Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed – need I say more?

The bubbly Brian recounts his showbiz days, lovey in full technicolour and with full throttle! Gasp as he gallantly recounts his days with the hell raising Peter O’Toole; roll around in laughter as he raucously spills the beans on his days in Z cars and faint fantastically as he fabulously fills us in about his days on Flash Gordon!

It’s Brian Blessed of course! Gordon’s Alive!!


‘Three Men in a Boat’ by Jerome K Jerome

Set in Victorian/Edwardian times, three friends go on a boating holiday on the Thames.

Although over 100 years old, some of the groups exploits still make you cry with laughter today: favourite moment – Harris and the meat pie ……




‘The Restraint of Beasts’ by Magnus Mills

It’s about Scottish labourers erecting farm fences. No really, it is. A black comedy.

Always hard to recommend a humorous book, a few people find this one offensive. I love it.