National Poetry Day 2018

2018 theme is 'Change'

4th October was ‘National Poetry Day’, a day which brings people with a mutual passion for poetry and an appreciation for writing together. Featuring some of the finest poetry from members of the Harwood Writing Group and other good writers. The theme for this year was ‘Change’, a diverse topic to have.

All readings took place in the newly opened art gallery, which was an acoustic area for vocalising poetry. Alex, a member of the library and museum team, read out a good piece on how the library and museum has changed into a ‘spectacular space’.

My fellow writing group chums write some very interesting pieces. Kathleen, the leader of the group, did a comical piece, which sounded almost like a lecture, with repetition of ‘don’t’ used in nearly every line. She always reads out her work in a confident and theatrical manner, which engaged the whole audience.

Roy and Frances, other Harwood Writers, both did comical poems. Frances’ was to do with body image, joking about observing her behind in a mirror, and Roy’s featured books having a conversation with one-another, which was later revealed that they were, in fact, talking books!

Elaine wrote a piece about a fan changing overtime due to being worn, which she told me had been influenced by Japanese Haiku writer Basho.  There was beautiful imagery created, with reference to nature, such as flowers, willow trees, and fruit. Speaking of haiku’s, Margaret read out three poems, which can be found on the haiku leaflet, located in ‘The Kitchen’ vegan cafe. Each one creates a subtle image, portraying the elegance of nature.

Equally as rich in imagery was Linda’s piece, ‘A Time of Change’, which was read clearly by Linda, all about the changing of seasons. It was a good description of how Autumn swiftly changes into Winter, with snow covering all colours in the landscape.

Another poem which highlighted the transition of the seasons was Ian’s. He wrote a gorgeous poem, which I greatly admired, about a couple wandering through the woods and I especially like the use of personification (see examples below). He read both mine and his out beautifully.







All in all, it was a very good day, full of the arts. I’ll look forward to next year’s poetry readings! Please see below for some of my favourite quotes from the poems of the Harwood Writing groups members:

Linda – A Time of Change – ‘Colours lost ‘neath glistening scenery’

Elaine – The Old Fan – ‘scented by tea roses sweet peas and marigolds’

Ian – Turning from the Sun – ‘as trees and plants, withdraw their icy fingers’

Kathleen – Just be Different – ‘Don’t worry so much. You cannot change anything’

Margaret – ‘Swan glides reservoir ripples’

Kristin Challender  (Harwood Writers Group)

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