Getting into Borrowbox, our apprentice’s story

Hello! My name is Faye and I am an Apprentice Library and Museum Assistant at Bolton Central Library.

Part of my role includes receiving training about library services and gives me the chance to get involved with promotional events. Here’s a little bit of my apprenticeship journey so far…

Back in June, the lovely Librarians of the Ask Bolton Libraries Enquiry Service, expertly trained me up on the wonders of BorrowBox; a FREE App available to Bolton Library members providing access to a wide range of eBooks and eAudio books.

Having now imparted their wisdom on me, I was asked to join them at a promotional event at The Market Place to test my new knowledge. So, in preparation I went home to practise my newly learnt skills. After seamlessly guiding my family through the download process I proceeded to demonstrate the benefits of the app including the feature that allows you to listen to a sample of an eAudio book to see if you like the actors voice before downloading it! Sadly, the cat wasn’t sold on the idea, but you can’t win them all.

On the day of the event 25th June 2018 I helped to construct the BorrowBox boxes and gather promotional materials before eagerly heading down to The Market Place.

I got the opportunity to interact with customers and promote the great benefits of the app. I discovered the best way to engage customers in conversation is with free pens, balloons and brightly coloured leaflets that also double as bookmarks (nifty).

Once hooked in with the free promotional items, many customers were interested in the app especially with it being the summer holidays as I explained this one app would allow them to access thousands of books without taking up any additional space or weight in their carry-on. I was happy in the knowledge I’d spread the word to customers who hopefully went home to enjoy a good read.

I’m a bit of a bookworm myself but confess I’d never tried the eAudio book experience, so, I made sure to trial it out before promoting it to other people! I chose The Favoured Child by Philippa Gregory and was hooked from the start.

My favourite discovery is that, unlike a regular book, you can listen to and follow the story whilst carrying on with your busy life. Things I’ve achieved (and have been made more enjoyable) whilst listening to BorrowBox eAudio books include:

  • commuting (without feeling nauseous from trying to read)
  • avoiding human interactions on my lunch break
  • the washing (yawn)
  • rescuing a mouse from the clutches of the cat (Mouse/Faye: 1 Cat: 0)
  • Really, the possibilities are endless.

The second BorrowBox event I assisted with was the drop-in event at Bolton Central Library on Friday 12th October 2018, part of our Libraries Week celebrations.

In contrast to the first event people generally had set out for specific help with the app rather than us having to entice them in with freebies and charm, however, the weather was particularly miserable that day which probably had put a few people off. As a result, the session was more about problem solving issues such as wifi connection, forgotten library card passwords and navigating the Kindle Fire system. All of which were skilfully resolved creating several new BorrowBox users, one of which is now reading again after 8 years!

I’m sure I’ll be involved in future events for BorrowBox, armed with the free pens, bookmarks and balloons, I will be there to impart my ever-growing knowledge of this wonderful app.

To be continued…

Want to know more?

All you need is a library card to access this FREE App.

Don’t Have one? Easy! Pop into your local library with proof of address and a friendly member of staff will sign you up within minutes: Bolton Central Library opening hours.

We offer an extensive eBook and eAudiobook download service in partnership with Greater Manchester Libraries and BorrowBox provide access to hundreds of eAudio and eBooks.

BorrowBox can be accessed via smartphones, tablets, pcs, macs and Kindle FIRE

Registry and downloading the FREE app is simple, but if you are having trouble you can pop into your local library or call Ask Bolton Libraries on 01204 332853. We also hold regular BorrowBox drop in events where we can help you access the app.

Our eBooks and eAudio book titles are completely free to borrow and there are no overdue fees as the loans simply expire after 3 weeks. You can also renew them if you’ve not finished your reading.

You can borrow up to 5 eBooks and 4 eAudio books at any one time.

Popular books can be reserved, and you’ll be notified via email when your title becomes available. (I’m currently patiently waiting on Lee Child’s Past Tense)

The eAudio and eBooks are also available for children, so your child can have an exciting story read out loud to them, useful for keeping them entertained on car journeys or these long winter evenings! If they prefer to read alone, they can always access their favorite eBooks and read it through a tablet or laptop instead.

Ready to start your BorrowBox journey?


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