Author event with Diane Setterfield

Volunteer Kristin gives an account of when author Diane Setterfield visited the Central Library to talk about her latest novel

As soon as the event went underway, Diane Setterfield fully engaged her audience, and began reading out a passage from her newest novel, Once Upon a River.

Having already successfully written both novels, The Thirteenth Tale and Bellman & Black, her third edition is certainly not a disappointment. From what was read-out that day, and from reading various reviews, it would seem that this book is a truly captivating read.

Based on true events, as Setterfield explained the storyline is inspired by newspaper articles she has read, Once Upon a River tells the tale of a girl who has drowned and is brought back to life by unknown means. Set in the 19th Century, the story centres around the River Thames, with Tony (bookseller at author events) comparing it to the work of ‘Dickens’, due to the time period it is set.

The story begins with a badly injured man who enters an inn, holding a girl in his arms who appears to be no longer alive, and the story unravels from there.

As for the event, it was very well-delivered, and the writer, Mel believed, ‘spoke eloquently’ throughout, and answered peoples’ questions at the end. I was eager to find out whether the book ended on a happy note, but not wanting to explicitly inform her audience of the ending, commented on how it is both ‘satisfying’ and ‘uplifting’!

Even though I have helped out at many, this author event in particular left a lasting impression upon me, and I’ve already placed a reservation for the book. I can’t wait to get drawn-in to the enthralling story!

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